1 Billion Tourists - 1 Billion Opportunities

One billion opportunities to grow the economy | One billion opportunities to create jobs | One billion opportunities to bring development to the world’s poor | One billion opportunities to protect our planet | One billion opportunities to promote respect and tolerance | One billion opportunities to support local communities

If this international tourist buys local products today, they’ll be supporting the community they visit through income and jobs. If they use the same hotel towel tomorrow, they’ll be saving energy and water.

Now imagine if each one of the one billion tourists did the same.

It’s up to all of us, every single one of the one billion tourists, to make our actions count. Only together can we transform one billion tourists into one billion opportunities.

The actions we take as tourists have consequences. Imagine the difference we could make by multiplying the right actions by one billion.
Thank you for voting for the action you’ll commit to on your next trip to make it an opportunity for good.

Respect Local Culture - Imagine the friendships that could be forged if one billion tourists learnt more about their destination’s traditions, or some words in the local language, before leaving home.

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